You’ve got to hear about my MONDAY MORNING and check out these engagment pictures.

Lena was potty trained at 18months. She was easy to potty train and I can’t remember the last time she had an accident, but this morning she awoke earlier than normal.

Jake shook me awake, mid dream. I was confused for a few minuets. I was stuck in dreamland. “Lena wet her bed.” I shuffled over to the bath, where Lena was. Lena looked at me with her hair all out of place from sleeping and a big smile on her face. “Mom, I had a dream that I was sitting on the toilet and I had to pee really, really, really bad and I peed in my bed, In my dream I peed so much that I filled up the whole bath!”

I smiled back at here, “what a crazy dream” I replied.

I washed her sheets and mattress, made some peach crepes with whipped cream for breakfast. I packed her lunch and zipped up her hello kitty lunch box. We put shoes on, grabbed umbrellas, grabbed Rambo’s leash and headed through the garage to catch the school bus. Dane in the stroller started wining for his monkey blankey so I turned around and ran back to the house. I opened the garage door and that is when I realized I forgot my keys.

I’m locked out

It’s pouring rain

It’s Monday

I grabbed Dane a towel instead to put on his legs. I waive to Lena as the bus drives off. I’m hoping I left a window open. I run around my house looking for an open window. Danes room! On the second floor! Whew.

Now I just need a ladder.

I ran around my neighborhood, my wet hair is dancing around. I am so glad I decided to wear my sorrels. Rambo is following my every step. He never leaves my side. He looks at me with his brown eyes and can’t understand why I won’t just open the door for him.

Two hours later we get in! I get help from two of my neighbors and Jake’s little brother comes over. They saved the day.

HOW much I love my warm comfy home. Dane and I take a hot bath and snuggle. We are warm, we are happy and we are back inside where we belong.

Just a minor Monday morning set back. Just life. Life being typical, bringing me a challenge to help shape me and mold me and to try my patience. Life. Making me work for today, making me realize that I am HUMAN. Thanks for the reminder LIFE, I needed it.

I did it again. I posted about something that has nothing to do with the pictures below. Most of the pictures below are FILM, shot on Kodak Portra 400, Fuji 400h and I think the black and whites were triX 400.




  1. I’m sorry you were locked out!! The pictures are great!

  2. katia hudson wrote:

    Kali, these are so beautiful, you are rocking the film, Really nice work!

  3. natalie smith wrote:

    oh my goodness…what a morning!!!
    these pictures are beautiful!

  4. Ashley S. wrote:

    Beautiful photos Kali! Sorry about your morning. Sounds like something that would happen to me.