What is your favorite color?

I was just a child.

You can’t be a child with out a favorite color.

My blonde, hair wiping in my eyes. My mom always told me my hair was like corn silk. I loved that. It made me feel special. Bare foot in my shorts and t shirt. Running around on the hot pavement. I was happy and proud.

All of us girls sitting criss cross apple sauce in a circle, discussing our favorite color. “what’s yours”?


I like Yellow because it’s bright. It reminds me of the sun.

The child in me still has a favorite color. Kristen’s Wedding day was warm, bright, filled with smiles, filled with love, filled with yellow.

The same yellow that reminds me of my proud childhood. A childhood filled with sunny days. Days were I would lie on my back staring up at the blue sky, watching the clouds change shape. Eating fresh peaches from the tree and letting the juice drip down my hands. My sister and I making up games of all sorts and laughing at our childish jokes. Laughing till tears came out and playing till the sun hid behind the hill and our hands and feet were too cold.

Pictures below are all digital! Anxiously waiting on my film to get developed by RPL.



  1. robin marie wrote:

    man, what a perfect day for a seattle wedding!

  2. natalie wrote:

    Love the yellow! Great pictures.

  3. Jaimee Young wrote:

    AAH! Kali! You are SOO talented! As always, I am awe struck. Such a beautiful wedding. Keep them coming!

  4. Lindsey Glauser wrote:

    This is beautiful! I love it. You do amazing work Kali!