We are a Kinship


From the bottom of my heart.

I am grateful for all the comments and emails I received about my last post. I had no idea that so many could relate to my story. It gave me so much strength. It is amazing how much we can help each other out. It reiterated something I learned at WPPI.

Something I wasn’t expecting to learn at all. But I did, because of this women:


I sat there in the back of the class, on the edge of my seat, moving my head every which way in order to keep my eyes on her, and dodge the heads in front of me. She reached out and GRABBED MY SOUL. SHE SPOKE TO ME.

I tried to keep up with the inspiration that was flowing through me. I was frantically jotting down notes. She spoke with such honesty. It was as if our hearts were one and the same at some moments in class. I was looking through the same lens. I could feel what she was feeling.

So many switches were turned on in my head, and I want to share just one enlightened thought. Elizabeth said,


She was talking about the photography community. She said that we shouldn’t hate on each other. We all love that same thing. We share a passion and we can uplift each other.

On this journey, I have learned this to be true.

I have struggled in the past with comparing my work. It is so easy to do with blog posts, facebook updates, instagrams, tweets and pins. BUT we have to remember that there is a real PERSON behind all of these updates. There is sweat and tears as well as joy and pride. It became so CLEAR after returning from WPPI and reading all the comments and uplifting emails about my story. I am a part of a wonderful group. It became CLEAR as I sat in the midst of hundreds of other photographers during WPPI. I wasn’t ONE of the thousands I was ONE IN THE THOUSANDS. I made so many friends there, shared so much excitement with others. I am a part of an amazing community of artists and I LOVE THAT. So remember “WE ARE A KINSHIP” we can inspire and help each other become true to ourselves and our work. So thank you again for helping me see this by your kind words. For all the photographers out there who already knew this and have opened there arms to me. Thank you.

And because a post is boring with out pictures, I attached some film shots of my babies


  1. Robin wrote:

    I really agree with that thought about kinship. It is so true – I think women tend to compare – whether it be jobs, homes, clothing, or life choices. We should focus more on building one another up!

  2. natalie smith wrote:

    adorable pictures. that is the best thought. thank you for sharing!

  3. elizabeth wrote:

    i am so touched by your beautiful post…thank you…thank you for coming to my talk…thank you for listening…thank you…your images are as lovely as your words…xoxo, elizabeth

  4. Ashley S. wrote:

    Loved your thoughts in this post. Love Elizabeth’s quote. Thanks for sharing.