The arts speak to my soul. I can gaze at a beautiful painting and gain knowledge that never could have been obtained in another form. A song can write words that are never forgotten on my heart.

Easter Sunday was a time for reflection. Truths where engraved upon my heart this Sunday.

I was joyous to be in the congregation. I was holding back tears during a stunning solo. The room felt empty. Like one chair in the front row, with me, just sitting there, slowly breathing, watching while everything I saw and heard was magnified and directed to me. I felt LOVE. Profound love. Love that exists, and is real and is reaching out for me in every way possible.

During the second and third hour of church I get to be with children. I am comfortable there, with all their soft cheeks and gentle eyes. I learn so much from children. We watched a video called, “To This End Was I Born”   It portrayed the final hours of Jesus life here on earth. I can’t explain what was written on my heart. I can’t tell you how real it was. I watched the portrayal of Jesus Suffer in the garden of Gethsemane. I choked back the tears. I understood something.

I understood that Christ KNOWS how we feel. He suffered OUR PAIN. The words are simple but they deeply mean more. Life brings us pain. Every being on earth experiences hurt and Christ knows this pain. He lived on this earth and suffered what we suffer. This truth is pressed upon my mind. This truth is a gift to me. It brings me peace. My pain is understood. I am not alone in times of need. I have never been alone.

The beautiful baby pictures below were shot on 400 speed kodak and the black and whites were on Ilford delta (i think), except the very last shot is digital. You can view the rest of the session HERE





  1. natalie smith wrote:

    beautiful words. beautiful pictures!

  2. Sweet little Venna! I love that baby. Great post and photos!