To my Children

Lena and Dane I wanted to take a quick moment to tell you some things on my mind. It feels like just hours ago I was holding you as newborns, looking into your new bright eyes and wondering what your future would hold. Time has passed so quickly and I know that is cliche to say but it gives more meaning to my thoughts.
Lena, your are gentle, kind and with in you is a nurturing heart that shines. You are close to nature and animals with an effortless ability to behold the beauty of this world. Your soul is musical. Your soft constant humming and songs bring me so much joy. I have watched your musical talent shine as you sing and play the piano and the songs I hear are angelic. You are a creative soul, a listener and a light.

Dane, my boy. I love you. I love the way your mind is beginning to process. I love all of your questions even when you ask hundreds in a day. You are strong willed and full of energy. I have witnessed so many acts of kindness from you at such a young age, like when you look right into my eyes and tell me that you love me or bring me a gift or paper treasure. Dane you are smart and kind and a leader in many ways.

Sometimes I ponder about your future, I fear it, I hope I’m doing my part and that the world will not bring you down. I know that just as quick as the time has already gone you will both be grown and the future will be the present. I understand that these thoughts and feelings that I have about you now are for forever. I will enjoy the time I have with you now. I will put my arms around you and tell you how much I love you. Futures are unpredictable, futures might bring sadness or disappointment but what I feel about you both now is what I will always feel about you.

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  1. natalie smith wrote:

    emotional words and picture.