The worst family picture you will ever take is the one you never take.

The pictures I posted below, to go along with my post about my son turning three are NOT blog worthy. Some are even taken from my pre i phone cell phone, which equals, crappyness times one thousand.

BUT they are worthy in my book and I LOVE each one of them.

Each image is a memory. Each one is cherished, and every time I look through all the pictures I took of my family I sigh with relief. I am so glad I decided to pick up, what ever camera I did and snap that shot.

I have to make a disclaimer. I stole my blog post title from Jonathan Canlas. I was reading his formspring months ago and someone asked him a question. I can’t remember what was asked but his answer never left my heart. “The worst family picture you will ever take, is the one you don’t”

I believe this hardheartedly. What a treasure it is to be able to store the memories of my children, pull them out later, and become smothered with those same feelings over and over. As I looked through the pictures of Dane from this past year I was filled with joy.

“My Dane turned 3 yesterday. We celebrated his birthday today. I reflected upon this last year with him. I have such a hard time writing about my kids, my eyes get wattery just thinking about what I want to say about them. There is intense EMOTION and FEELING about my children. My heart beats faster. My body swells with joy.

My fingers pause. Some pieces will stay inside my heart. I can’t share them. They are too personal, too close to heaven.

Dane and I connected early. My very first doctors appointment, I think I was only 6 weeks along. They searched for a tiny heart beat. No heart beat. They sent me to another office so they could do an ultrasound. I saw the little peanut on the screen, his heart beating strong. Words don’t come close to explaining how I felt at this moment, but I will try. I felt peace. An indescribable joy filled my soul. I KNEW my son and he KNEW me. I KNEW him before he was born. I felt his excitement to be a part of my family. My eyes are tearing up as I write this. LOVE and WARMTH. The spirit witnessed this to me.  I continue to feel his excitement in our family, to this day. He lights my life. He is a beautiful gift.


  1. that is SO true and I love all those pictures. Happy birthday!

  2. EmilyH wrote:

    That Dane boy is such a sweetheart. You’re both lucky to have one another.

  3. Rae wrote:

    As your posts about motherhood always do, this made me truly look forward to that phase of life instead of having thoughts of being overwhelmed and fear.
    Thank you for what you shared. You have such a sweet little family.

  4. Rochelle wrote:

    What a handsome little guy you have! This is so true. I often find myself editing out some pictures from my blog just because they are terrible in a photography sense, but lately I just don’t care. I’m trying to capture memories, experiences, and life…bad photos or not. If I want it engraved in my mind, I have to put it out there for keeps. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Ashley S. wrote:

    Thank you for being willing to share unperfect pictures on your photography blog.

    Dane’s birthday sounds like Oliver’s birthday a few weeks ago. I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t throw my son an extravagant party. I think at their age, it would be more for the adults anyway.

  6. natalie smith wrote:

    What a great collection of pictures. Dane is a cutie.

  7. Jill K wrote:

    I love this post. My 3 month old nephew passed away a couple weeks ago, and my sister regrets never getting a family photo taken. She wanted to put it on hold for her to lose the pregnancy weight, for the weather to get warmer, etc. now they have no photos of them all together. So, yes, this post title hit the nail on the head.

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