The 2012 Wedding Album

My album design has evolved! The layouts are CLEAN and simple. LESS is MORE PEOPLE.

Isn’t it lovely?

ALL my album packages INCLUDE a beautiful, up to size 9×13 inches (BIG) 36 thick page, custom designed album. You can pick any of the cover options that my company offers. This means, you can choose your REAL LEATHER COVER IN black, brown, red, ivory, dark blue, white, burgundy or steel grey.

These albums are QUALITY and TIMELESS.

I wouldn’t offer anything less.

And in case I haven’t already gotten the word out. YES. I do travel. I travel frequently to San Diego, Orange County and Salt Lake City Utah. In fact there is no traveling fees with any of those cities. My sister in moving to Hawaii so that will become a new favorite destination.


  1. Natalie smith wrote:

    I wish you had done my wedding pictures! I would love one of those!

  2. Agreed. I think I need to redo my album!

  3. LOVE this album! I am looking in to adding wedding albums to my wedding packages. what company are you doing these albums through? I’d love your advice!