My husband and I (mostly my husband) have been working our butts off to finish this natural light studio. It’s finally FINISHED!!! The light inside is perfect, just what I wanted. The white washed wood floors and white walls help so much with bounce light. Now I can photograph ALL year round and the rain can’t stop me from sessions. I threw together some of the cutest little mini spring sessions and I couldn’t be happier with the results. This session was of my sweet Lena and Dane. Thanks for looking! If you would like to book a session in my new studio shoot me an email kali@kaliluphoto.com its perfect from families, babies and seniors. IMG_3608 IMG_3652 IMG_3668 IMG_3719 IMG_3736 IMG_3739 IMG_3742 IMG_3807 IMG_3836 IMG_3850 IMG_3880 IMG_3894 IMG_3987 IMG_3989 IMG_3993 IMG_4148 IMG_4164 IMG_4219 IMG_4233 IMG_3750 IMG_3804 IMG_3870