San Diego Family Portraits

I feel like I’m being re-born! I’m back shooting again and it feels so good. I took some time off to renew my skills as an RN. That was great fun but now I’m back to doing what I love. I loved shooting these pictures for a couple reasons, first, Jill is one of my best friends! I love her to death and the second reason is that this family belongs on the beach. Both Jill and her husband surf and grew up in So Cal. I took Jill snowboarding once and that was hysterical….she hated ever minuet of it. Snow is not her thing so we try to stick to the warm beaches.

NRleenstra000313-R5-E071 NRleenstra000313-R9-E129 NRleenstra000313-R9-E131 NRleenstra000313-R9-E135 NRleenstra000313-R9-E141 copy Parker_Family_002 Parker_Family_007 Parker_Family_015 Parker_Family_016 Parker_Family_021 Parker_Family_023 Parker_Family_024 Parker_Family_029 Parker_Family_039 Parker_Family_045 Parker_Family_046 Parker_Family_050 Parker_Family_051 Parker_Family_053 Parker_Family_066