Oregon Coast Family Reunion Shoot

I think it is really cool that family reunions are becoming more popular and people are getting more serious about them. Family is so important and sometimes we get so wrapped up into our busy lives that we forget what is really important. Finding time for family is REALLY REALLY important. Family, no matter what type, related or not is what fills our lives with meaning, joy, love, and creates a beautiful life. I used to DREAD those large group shots. Working with a group larger than 6 can be challenging. It is hard to pose them, get the lighting right, get everyone to look at you and smile and i used to think it took all the creativity and fun out of photography, but over the years I have had the opportunity to shoot some large extended families and I have grown to love it! There is something unique about getting a large extended family together and witnessing cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents all together. If you are interested in hiring me to photograph your reunion, contact me kali@kaliluphoto.com.


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