One good thought

Last night as I was  laying in bed.

My mind was racing, jumping from thought to thought. I knew in order to rest I needed to hone in to one thought so i could properly relax

One thought that I could whole heatedly focus on.

I don’t know where is stemmed from. But I was so happy it came to me.

I don’t know how long it has been since I re-lived those feelings. It relieved every muscle in my body to own that thought.

We were so young but so much in love. I glanced at him for the very first time in the library. I remember what he was wearing. I remember his hat, straight lid (very important) sitting low on his forehead. He was taking notes. Using a fancy pen. Wearing skater shoes. He caught my eye and then my heart.

I fell hard in love.

Nothing could break us. AHHH….. Thinking about this makes me tear up.

I didn’t know at that time that my husband would be the perfect father to my children. So loving, gentle and kind. I didn’t know that he would carry me through trials that were so incredibly HARD. I didn’t understand HOW MUCH he loved me. I didn’t realize that I would love him much more today than I ever did during our first months together.

But I do.

The pictures below are of my children. Shot with some extra film left over from a wedding on Fuji Pro 400H using my contax 645 medium format film camera.





  1. natalie smith wrote:

    i love reliving the feelings of our love story. it is the best to bring back the butterfly feelings and see how everything just pieced together perfectly. doesn’t it make you feel so young and niave? thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  2. Those pictures are gorgeous!