Do you want to know what I’m doing right now? Do you even care? I’m just sitting here trying to figure out what to blog about. My house is so quite, too quite. The kids are asleep, the dog is sprawled out on the floor passed out. It’s just me and this computer screen. My eyes are glassed over. I’m tired. My bed is calling my name. I can’t wait to crawl into the covers. I am happy about all of this nothingness. I will gladly accept it. Normally my mind is bursting at the seams with chaos. Tonight I am enjoying the few straggling thoughts that come and go. I already wrote my task list so I can rest easy. It’s on paper and out of my head. I talked with my sister on the phone about how our kids are picky eaters. We laughed about our kids, especially our 2 year olds. All you have to do is imagine these little people and there short little selves walking around saying the most hilarious things. They act like they are adults, marching around like they own the world and then when their princess dress wont fit properly or the super hero mask falls off, their worlds are crushed. It’s just the most hilarious thing. I couldn’t be happier about how those kids make me feel and I could be happier about the fact that I am about to crawl into bed.

Enjoy me, experimenting with some Ilford black and white film and making no sense at all with what I just wrote. Good night.