Motherly Guilt

Last week I worked a lot. I was gone one day from 9am until 10pm. I saw my kids for less than an hour that day. It’s not easy to leave them. Sometimes I have regrets. In fact sometimes I ask myself, what I am doing? I drop my head down low, close my eyes and place my hand on my brow and sigh.

A sigh that says:

Am I a good enough mother? Do I give them what they need? Am I spending enough time with them? Does my business make my family life suffer?

They are valid questions. They are real concerns for me.

Everyday I am faced with choices. I think we all are. Each day we must choose what road we are going to take. What we are going to spend our precious time doing.

Everyday COUNTS

I am desperately trying to replace the feelings of regret and guilt with contentment and PEACE. I am continuing to learn valuable lessons as a working mother.

I am learning to look up at the sky and smile. It’s ok to unravel and have fun, even if I am behind on work or my computer decides to spontaneously com-bust.  I have learned that things WILL work out eventually.

I can find peace knowing that I am not alone in my endeavors. Peace with the skills I have gained in prioritizing my life. Peace knowing that even if I make mistakes I get to wake up each day and start over. Peace with the goals that I have accomplished and peace knowing that my children are watching me reach my goals. Peace knowing that despite my imperfections my children look at me with godly eyes and see nothing but their lovely mother.

The beautiful pictures below of a mother and her babies go perfect with my post. All shot with portra 400 on my contax 645.


  1. JIll wrote:

    Love the pictures of Ally!! And I know EXACTLY how you feel!! Being a working mom too! I know we have talked about this, but I am right there with you!!

  2. natalie smith wrote:

    I love these pictures. what a treasure for that family.

  3. ally wrote:

    These pictures are wonderfully magnificent!! Thank you a thousand times! you are awesome. beautifully captured.

  4. cadence wrote:

    these pictures seriously made me cry! I miss those faces so much… you captured them with such beauty and joy… so perfect. one of these days you’ll have to take pictures of my husband and I… maybe when we have a little one if our own. thank you for sharing these!

  5. Becky Jacobsen wrote:

    Oh, Kali! You have a gift. That’s Ally and Pyke and Ollie and that’s exactly them! Just as they are. I know I’m a little late commenting but I just found this. I don’t get on the computer much. Thank you so much for doing this and we’re all looking forward to Ethan and Sofi’s wedding and your beautiful pictures of that! And you are a beautiful, loving mother. Don’t worry!!

  6. ivy wrote:

    These are beautiful. Makes me sad. Do Pyke and Ollie know who I am? I don’t get to see Ally and her kids enough -ever! boo.
    Thanks for these amazing pictures to gaze upon and dream. 🙂 ally-miss you and kids. You can come live with me sometime. 🙂