Married 8 years TODAY!!!

The pictures below,



I’m not being sarcastic AT ALL.

Please note the man made aka Photoshop sun star on top of the temple.

Please note my husbands HAIR (if you know him you will understand)

Happy anniversary to US! 8 years and counting WOOT WOOT!!!!


  1. Rae wrote:

    Oh my goodness!!! Such babies! Haha. You guys have become such a beautiful family who I admire so much. Congrats Kali!

  2. EmilyH wrote:

    So great. So. GREAT.

  3. robin marie wrote:

    oh. my. goodness. HIS HAIR!!! these pictures are awesome!

  4. jenny wrote:

    oh, that made me laugh. I would never have guessed that was your husband, he looks so different.

  5. Ashley S. wrote:

    Congratulations Kali! We are coming up on 8 years in June. Beautiful pictures.

  6. natalie smith wrote:

    This is how I know/remember you guys…these are great! I hope you guys had a nice evening out.