Lena is 7

My Lena is 7!!!

I want to cry. I really do. Shouldn’t I be happier? Shouldn’t I?

I don’t want to pour my aching, troubled soul out to you. But that is exactly what I am going to do.

Wasn’t it just a moment ago when I swaddled my little peanut up in her hospital blanket, holding her close to my chest with tears in my eyes, marveling about her perfection.

I swear this just happened.

I brought her home. Or to the bedroom of my father in laws house that we were living at. We had a mattress on the floor, a bassinet and some really ugly curtains in that room. Jake and I lied down,  with Lena right in the middle of us, we grabbed each others hands, our feet intertwined, we smiled, we let our faces brush against her soft newborn head.

We felt so much love for the tiny little angel. So much love.

I love her even more today. I want so much for her. I am scared of the pain she might have to experience in this life. It is hard for me to let her grow up but I know that I have to let her.


Picture below is from instagram. You can see more of my life on instagram @KaliLuPhoto



  1. Natalie smith wrote:

    It goes too fast! 🙁

  2. Erin Brooks wrote:

    This made me cry. I know I will feel the exact same way about my daughter. There is something so very special about that first baby and your girl is just SO lovely. You are such a sweet, loving mama <3