Laura and Nick-San Diego Wedding

Laura is one of my sisters best friends. Cassie, my sister is serving a Mission for our church and was pretty sad that she had to miss this wedding. I miss Cassie SO DARN MUCH. Cassie and I are kindred spirits. We have a lot in common. A few summers ago, after I had Dane Cassie stayed with me for a summer and I taught her photography. She started her own business on the side and is SUPER TALENTED. In fact the last session she did before leaving was Nick and Laura’s engagement pictures. Check them out HERE.

I am so proud of her and know that what she is doing is far more important than anything else. When Cassie and Laura were little I used to take them to parks and take there pictures for all my high school photography assignments. They loved getting their pictures taken. It was so amazing to see Laura all grown up and married. Her smiles is still just as beautiful as it was when she was just a little girl.


  1. natalie smith wrote:

    she has to be so excited to have you as a friend and a photographer. these are gorgeous pictures.

  2. Maisie wrote:

    Oh my goodness! These turned out amazing! I love them all!!

  3. Hilary Mercer wrote:

    All of these are super fun too! We saw that temple when we were down there. So gorgeous!

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