I’m kinda falling in love with family sessions

Heather and her beautiful family

Should I even write anything? I don’t need to. Just look at the images below.

And feel them.

Heather and I go way back. We played water polo in high school. Heather is an amazing person. She is wildly stylish. Everything she does and everything she owns is done with style and all kinds of pretties. She is very spontaneous. She can cook, clean, sew, decorate, love, be-friend and give.



I LOVE how she has always been a friend to me.

She continues to be amazing and I was so happy that she allowed me to photograph her family. All shot on pro 400H Fuji Film with my Contax 645

We actually started shooting before Matt came home from work. This is him, just coming home. Sneaking up on his boys. I love how real it is.


  1. Heather wrote:

    KALI!! These are SO SO SO SO SO wonderful! THANK YOU! I’m seriously obsessed with them! I can’t WAIT to get some printed and enlarged to put all over my house!

    You’re amazing!


  2. melody wrote:

    what a beautiful family! I love all the moments with mommy and baby that you captured.

  3. Renee wrote:

    Oh my goodness. This is seriously the cutest family I think I have ever seen!!!!!

  4. Toni Raper wrote:

    wow, absolutely awesome in so many ways!!!

  5. Shelly wrote:

    Oh, Kali — these are fantastic and wonderful! I LOVE them! You’re so talented.

  6. Alison wrote:

    I’m dying DYING! these are so amazing. as heathers OTHER bestie 🙂 I love seeing her look so beautiful! you really brought out the inner super model!

    • admin wrote:

      Thank you so much! So crazy that you and Heather ended up being neighbors. I can’t believe how amazing your blog is. Seriously I love it.

  7. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.
    i want these to be of my family! i just adore them.
    seriously girl, you’re killing it. i don’t know what’s up, but can i borrow some of your mojo? xo