If I could, I would marry you, cause I love you so much

What is a perfect day?

This life is FULL of imperfect days.

We must experience pain to understand pleasure,

sadness to know joy.

But when one of those perfect moments arrives, I am uplifted. It makes the sadness and hurt worth it.

Today, in my book, I came to the part where everything peaks, like the top of the highest most magical mountain. Where sunshine warms every square inch of my skin and makes me happy. Happy to be alive.

I watched my children laugh when my husband whom I like to call, my gentleman lover swept me off the ground and swung me around in the kitchen. We both looked into each others eyes and said with out saying:

YOU are the one I want to keep, You are the one I love.

Little feet ran around the house. Up and down the stairs. Around in circles.

I watched Dane put on his underwear all by himself and tell me he was very proud.

Then Dane said, “Mommy, can you marry me? and Lena said, “Mommy, I know you can’t marry me because you are a girl and you already married Daddy but if I could, I would marry you, cause I love you so much.”

Today was my perfect day.

The two pictures below are from and engagement session shot in Utah. Both taken on Pro 400H fuji color film using my Contax 645 camera.




  1. WOW that last one (well both of them really) is freaking amazing it almost makes me cry. seriously gorgeous you are so talented. I can feel the love.

  2. Such a good reminder. I really need to work on that. Love those pictures.

  3. beautiful, in every way.