I Write From My Heart About My Sister

From the day I came home from the hospital, she has always been with me

Apparently I had a few near death experiences with her.  My mother held her breath as she watched her carry me downstairs by her self when she was two years old. She was asked to check on me and she decided to give me a few toys to play with. She filled my crib to the brim with toys. I was buried in a sea of stuffed animals and it didn’t seem to bother me one bit.

I followed in her footsteps. I looked up to her. In my eyes, she knew everything.

We were best friends. We spent long summer days, out side collecting snails, taking mud baths and rolling down our ivy hills. We had the wildest imaginations and our beds became hot air balloons where we would sail high in the sky and go on adventures.

We played my little ponies.

We had drawing contests.

We wore our favorite hand made velvet dresses and we talked late into the night. So late our parents had to get us in trouble so we would go to sleep.

Then we grew older.

Other things began to matter to me. She liked to read and draw and I liked sports and friends. None of those things ever mattered, but I couldn’t see it that way. Painful regrets, like a beautiful glass statue that is broken into a million pieces. I could never even pick up all the pieces. But my sister is the kind of person who can oversee mistakes. She reached down, and her fingertips magically sent each piece back into it’s place. She repaired everything.

And now we are just as it was when we were young. And we will always share that unbreakable bond of being sisters. And she will never understand how perfect I think she has been for me.

Enjoy these two sisters that I shot. All of them shot with my contax 645 on medium format film.



  1. Kristie wrote:

    These are amazing Kali! I love them!

  2. Melani Verner wrote:

    Breathtaking Kali! Sisters are always a tender place in my heart! These two little girls are so sweet and beautiful!

  3. Kim Rumfola wrote:

    You took these pictures for My Sister, and all I can say is that they are stunning!!
    Sisters Are The Best!

  4. natalie smith wrote:

    I love everyone of them. What a treasure for this family!