I Put on my Red Lipstick and Skinny Jeans

Alki Photo Shoot // Behind the Scenes from New Land Media Works on Vimeo.


The part where Lena is putting her hair behind her ears made me cry, ok all of it made me cry.

I am so often behind the camera, working, feeling, thinking, doing everything I DO. This time I put on my red lipstick and skinny jeans and let loose!  It was so abnormal, but at the same time normal. Everything about this shoot made me happy. It was MY children being photographed and MY family being filmed. It was US. It was US being who we are and I am as happy and a little song bird chirping in the morning. The pictures of my family and video of us illuminate  something that beams out of me. IT’S ALL ABOUT FAMILY.

Everything points to them. Everything I live for. Everything I am.

My family is  my everything.

So many things in our life are hard. We have to climb mountains in this life. We ache, we see things we would rather not, we experience things we would rather not, but THESE THINGS ARE DUST under our bare feet compared to moments like the birth of our children, the little quirky smiles and the way they walk, the love and support of our spouse, that feeling that bursts inside of a mother when we watch our children accomplish something.

I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for being a mother. I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for the LOVE I feel about my family.

ROB NYLAND the videographer has  PURE, RAW, TALENT!!!! If you are interested in booking a family video session with him DROP HIM A LINE on his contact page from his website www.newlandmediaworks.com




  1. Melani Verner wrote:

    Wow Kali, that was beautiful! I loved the way Jake looked at you in the very end shot. Absolutely beautiful words! You are an amazing girl. I will never forget when you volunteered to watch my kids. Such a blessing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. ahhhhh mazing!! LOVE IT!

  3. natalie smith wrote:

    I love the part where you and take are riding on the bike and the kids are chasing you guys. so many wonderful moments…. can’t wait to see these pictures!

  4. EmilyH wrote:

    So. cute.

  5. Dana Napoleon wrote:

    WOW!! So SO beautiful Kali!
    Just breathtaking, all of it!

  6. Stephanie Clay wrote:

    This video melted my heart!!! Kali, what a beautiful family you have…your gratitude and love for them radiates!

  7. Carole Taylor wrote:

    That was beautiful! I love how everyone was so natural. You are very blessed.

  8. Carole Taylor wrote:

    And we miss you!

  9. Rae wrote:

    Wow Kali, I knew your kids were cute from the pictures but the video takes them to a whole new level! Lena is such a good little hula hooper! What a darling family. I’m so thrilled for you. 🙂

  10. Rochelle wrote:

    Catching up on your blog today and I LOVED this! Gorgeous family, amazing videography. What a treasure!!

  11. Lindsey wrote:

    I loved that not only did you look amazing, it showed the true joy of family and the love that you guys have for each other simple beautiful. By the way your red pants amke you one hot momma!