I love the Menzies

Hey, Ho…I feel like busting out in song because this is day two of blogging and that is a miracle. I wanted to show you just a few from this family that I love. Tallie, the Mom is a friend of mine. I met her when she was 9 months pregnant with her third and ready to pop. I had no idea we would become friends and get to know each other more than just a hi in passing the halls at church. I can’t even tell you how amazing Tallie is. Her husband is deployed months at a time and she just picks up the reins and goes. She is strong, brave, loving, beautiful and even when she is swamped with her own stuff she will drop everything to help others. She is also a professional project girl. She can stencil paint amazing decor on walls, install doors, refinish all types of furniture, stain, tile, modge podge, saw, and if she hasn’t done it she wouldn’t be scared to try. She is also an amazing mother, the kind who gets down on her kids level, looks them straight in the eye and focuses on what they need. She sets the tone and makes her family fun, just like she is. Thanks a million for having me photograph you guys!



  1. What absolutely beautiful portraits. Tallie sounds like an amazing lady. I’m sure she’s lucky to have you as a friend too!

  2. robin marie wrote:

    oh my gosh. love venna on the dresser! and venna in the rain coat! and love the whole family pic right above the three of the boys in a row! awesome job kali.