Every photographer needs to understand this

I want to share something with you that I believe in. Something that I have struggled with as a photographer and something that I am just now starting to understand.


I wish someone could have pulled me up by my ears and explained this concept to me, but just as in life, things don’t often work like this and we have to


and fail again

and again

until the light is finally turned on.

I am far from perfect but my light started to flicker and I realize how VITAL and IMPORTANT it is to be in sync with the people you photograph.

YOU NEED TO BE CONNECTED to your clients. You need to FEEL them, FEEL their love, their uniqueness, their relationship.

You also need the people you photograph to TRUST you. They need to let you IN. They need to let you see a piece of their lives that is 100% natural. This doesn’t mean the kids are perfectly behaved.

This means a real smile

a real laugh

a real moment together.

If this can happen, then you can make magical things happen. Like dancing around an iced over lake canvas with paint brushes on your feet. Perfect colors uncoiling over the ice making a marvelous piece of art that can be seen for miles and miles above.

Art that is timeless and adored.


  1. robin marie wrote:

    so many great shots! i love the chair ones!

  2. I LOVE this, so very true. And your photographs are priceless. I love your work.

  3. natalie wrote:

    beautiful advice and pictures!

  4. Absolutely Kali a very Aha moment. You are the 1%! On a higher note Heavenly Father totally is our best referral source – He sends us incredible clients it is now an opportunity to also interview and understand if each are a good fit. Operating with an open heart understanding the divine nature of our Being….Prospective blesses us beyond measure – remember you will open windows even when you may perhaps wonder if the work is a good fit. We continue to grow, learn, share with open hearts. Stay the course, work smart.

  5. Michelle wrote:


  6. Ashley S. wrote:

    Great shoot! You captured some beautiful moments. I agree with you but I hadn’t thought about it as clearly as you described it, although it makes perfect sense. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Dana napoleon wrote:

    I loved everything about this !
    So beautiful !