Emily and Curtis’s Wedding

I have been sitting here trying to figure out what to write on this here blog. Going through many different ideas and I notice that I continue to beat my self up with every thought. It’s kind of a problem I have. I can be so hard on myself. In a split second I can turn something positive into a degrading thought toward myself. Sometimes I forget to take a breath of air. Sometimes I forget that in this whole wide world that I live in…

I am not the only one thing that matters

my problems ARE problems but what about everyone else and especially what about those who I come in contact with or get to work with.

Do I take the time to think about them.

I started LOOKING at the wedding pictures I took and I started thinking about them. This wonderful beautiful couple. In love. There beautiful loving family. Their head over heel’s smiles. Don’t I owe it to them? Shouldn’t I, if only for a few minutes allow my thoughts to shift towards them and their special day. Emily and her amazingly adorable vintage style who found her wedding dress at a second hand vintage shop and had it altered to her own style. Emily and Curtis and how they both lived here in the Pacific North West just a few hours away from each other but met in a different state. The amazing closeness of her family and how Emily and her cousin were almost like sisters. Curtis’s parents who are serving a full time mission for their church but were able to just get enough time away to come to the wedding. Emily’s mom who spent countless hours making cake plates and a million other pretties for the wedding. Emily who works as a social worker. I can’t really begin to explain how hard of a job and how selfless it is to be a social worker. Curtis’s sense of humor. Emily and Curtis’s kindness.

It feels so good to think about them and their wedding day. I know I am never going to be able to stop myself from being a little to self centered sometimes, but if for some moments I can focus more on other people and change my perspective I think I will love myself more doing that.



  1. chris wrote:

    Love this wedding Kali! I can’t stop looking at that first photo!

  2. Ashley S. wrote:

    So beautiful Kali.

  3. Bettie wrote:

    These picutres are absolutely beautiful! There is so much love and happiness in the people, the pictures and the event! Thank you for sharing!! Congratulations on a beautiful life together!

  4. natalie smith wrote:

    i love every one of the settings and pictures. such a treasure for them.