Do I have to cut his hair?

Today my husband said it.

“Kali, I think it’s time to give Dane a hair cut”  I stared at him with puppy eyes, or at least I yearned for that face so that he might change his mind.

How did this happen? Am I one of those moms that is possessive over my child’s hair? I think it stems back to the time my husband buzzed his head bald. It was WAY TO SHORT. I kinda flipped out.

The soft locks that fall in his eyes and how the back of his hair curls just ever so slightly. I love it, but hence, I called to make the dreaded appointment.

Am I the only crazy mother who wants to let her boys hair grow and never stop growing. I JUST know there is some kind of magic in his hair and if I cut it off it somehow it changes him from a baby to a young man. And I’m just not ready for that. Not now. Not ever.

Oh and by the way. I am back from my spring break week in Utah and will be blogging again!


  1. Haley Hickman wrote:

    No way! Don’t cut it! Once you cut it, ever baby hair is gone! I wish I would have waited longer to cut my son’s hair, I miss his soft wispy baby hair : (

  2. Rae wrote:

    They really do look like little men when their hair is cut. I don’t have kids but understand somewhat from when I see my nephews get their haircuts. 🙁