I Do Destinations Weddings

So maybe it was last June when I took these and I am just now getting around to posting them.

I am curled up in my sweater and socks and just wishing to be somewhere a little warmer when I saw these pictures. Last June I met up with a bunch of other amazing FILM photographers. We met up in LA and toured Richards Photo Lab, then we wandered off to…. oh just the one and only Santa Monica Beach where the most chillax and amazing little styled shoot was set up for us (check out the credits below). What I would give to be back on that warm beach. I live in Seattle and don’t get me wrong, I love living here but every once in a while during the winter I have a little itch for something…say a little warmer and maybe tropical?

Emphasis on “warm” and emphasis on “I would love to book a destination wedding!”

I am fully equipped to travel and the best part is I have family living in Southern California, DC, Ohio, Oregon, Utah and Hawaii. Did you catch that last state. I said, Hawaii. Traveling is always free.

Enough about Destination Weddings. Don’t forget to check out that last picture of the beautiful girls who organized the styled shoot and check out their websites!


Props and styling Tenley Erin Young and Lindsey Hartsough

Cake: Super  Fine Bakery

Hair and Make up: Luna Bella

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  1. Ashley S. wrote:

    Love this. Gorgeous light. Love the post processing.