Dallon Family

This morning I wolk up and checked my instagram, cause I’m a dork like that. The first picture I noticed was from one of my friends here in Seattle.

It was a picture of snow.

Come on really? Snow. I ran to the window and sure enough snow sprinkled the ground.

It was kinda pretty. Then I realized. Dane was outside in his rain boots, undies and a short sleeve shirt playing in it!

I had a mom moment. I just stared at him for no longer than a minuet. He had to be FREEZING, But it didn’t phase him. He was so excited about the snow he could care less about dressing warm. I watched him lift his red boots and stamp, stomp, stomp. He looked back at his foot prints. So proud. I smiled and felt that fuzzy feeling that runs through my body every time my kids do something cute.

Why? Why do I struggle with the weather here? Is it because I was born and raised in San Diego? Is it because the grass is always greener somewhere else to me? Is it because I get sick of wearing layers. Is it because I feel like it is hard to deal with the weather as a photographer? Why don’t I love it. I read a post on Sara Rhodes blog  (the really well known Seattle photographer) along time ago. The post was about her flying back from somewhere exotic like Australia or maybe the Cayman Islands. Somewhere like that. Somewhere warm. Instead of her missing the warmth she was entirely glad to be back in rainy, cloudy gray Seattle. I was so jealous. Not jealous that she got to go somewhere awesomely exotic and shoot, ok… Maybe a little. BUT JEALOUS that she loved it here and sometimes I just don’t. I struggle with the weather from time to time.

But you know what I think. I think it’s OK.

I am still on my “Journey” if you don’t remember. And I am learning to accept me for me. It’s ok that I don’t always love the winters here. It’s ok that I am not a Seattle native and that it doesn’t always feel like home to me. Maybe one day we will move. Maybe we won’t. But either way it’s ok.

I have been learning that there are so many things in our lives that WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER. Weather is one of them. I can’t fight it, only accept it. I can learn to love other things about Seattle. There are many things we can’t change in our lives, many things we don’t expect and plan on. Just like the weather. But it’s ok, because there is always ONE thing we can count on. God. God will always be there to help us. If we hold on to that we will be OK.

Below are some favorites from a beautiful extended family that I shot on Saturday. It was one of those “what am I going to do about the weather” kind of sessions but it all turned out ok. I shot some film and will post those pictures when I get it back. I couldn’t have asked for a better group. I enjoyed meeting them all so much.



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  1. natalie smith wrote:

    that is the best story about dane and these pictures are beautiful. they have to be so happy with your work!