Clark Family in the new studio

I realized something that I absolutely love about shooting on my property and in my studio is that I can find all the good light spots easier because I am becoming more familiar with it. It makes such a huge difference to already know where you can shoot and what light will look like. I am so excited to keep shooting using my beautiful studio and property. Enjoy this adorable family and if you would like to book your own family session email

Clark_Family_004 Clark_Family_024 Clark_Family_026 Clark_Family_029 Clark_Family_042 Clark_Family_046 Clark_Family_051 Clark_Family_054 Clark_Family_061 Clark_Family_064 Clark_Family_067 Clark_Family_071 Clark_Family_080 Clark_Family_095 Clark_Family_101 Clark_Family_104 Clark_Family_110 Clark_Family_111 Clark_Family_112 Clark_Family_115 Clark_Family_118 Clark_Family_122 Clark_Family_128 Clark_Family_135 Clark_Family_137 Clark_Family_139