Beach Engagment Session

“Sigh” the beach, the warm sand, the cool ocean breeze. Some days I feel like it’s just the medicine I need. A moment to relax and escape for a bit. Sometimes I have to improvise by taking a bubble bath, not the same but still relaxing. Something I just might have to indulge in after finishing this post, but not until I let you know that there was nothing cuter than THIS couple on the beach. There is just something about a guy teaching his love how to play the guitar, on the beach. After this incredibly fun session with Angie and Mitch I am even more excited about there wedding. So goodnight and here is to my bath that will be happening very soon.


  1. Dana Napoleon wrote:

    So breathtaking Kali!

  2. Daniele wrote:

    Gorgeous images Kali!

  3. natalie wrote: