A Fresh and Bright Seattle Wedding

My heart is full. This styled shoot was such a big project and yet such a success.  I AM SO THANKFUL to everyone who participated! Look at ALL the credits below because those are some talented ladies. A special thank you to Erin who teamed up with me to make the shoot possible.

I loved the romantic concept behind the shoot. We wanted to show brides here in Seattle that it is possible to have a that romantic wedding that is bright and fresh. If you have the right styling, photography style and location it IS more than possible. All shot with FILM (my absolute favorite medium to use)

If you are interested in hiring me to shoot your wedding email me Kali@kaliluphoto.com

Styling and Florals – Kae Yelchaninov  of Short & Sweet Design
Invitations and Place Cards – La Happy
Hair and Makeup – Cara Aeschliman
Dresses – Sarah Seven and Nicole Miller from The Dress Theory
Accessories – Serephine
Location – Seattle Daylight Studio



  1. Jodi McDonald wrote:

    This is the most divine shoot – absolutely amazing.

  2. Nolwen wrote:

    These are absolutely stunning!! Love the light in all of these and amazing composition. inspiring!!

  3. Ashley S. wrote:

    Gorgeous photos Kali! The light is so beautiful in all of them but I really love it in the one where she is sitting in the chair, looking down – to the left of the one where the couple is holding hands, looking at each other. You are very talented and an inspiration.

  4. kae wrote:

    I loved working on this shoot together! Your photos were even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined! Can’t wait to work together again in the future!

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  7. […] Lovely Thing 9. 10. Snippet & Ink 11. Fiona Leahy 12. Kali Lu 13. 14. Betsy White 15. Ralph Lauren 16. Kari […]

  8. […] Credits: invitation, arch, rug, twigs, crochet lanterns, paper lanterns, flowers, tablescape, cake, napkins, cocktail, belts, artwork Tweet thisShare on FacebookPin itStumbleGoogle […]


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